Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Day in Azeroth

I spend a lot of time playing WoW. By a lot I mean A LOT. It seems to be one of the perks of being a lazy bum during summers and not going out and finding a job and whatnot. I have found that most of my mornings have now turned into a nice little routine that I'll share with you now.

1. I wake up and say goodbye to the soon to be Mrs. Sunkist as she scurries off to work, she's a much better go-getter than myself in the job department.
2. I read (and hopefully work post into the rotation) blogs for between one to two hours while I wake up a bit.
2.5. I also scan the AH during this time on an alt, multitasking ftw.
3. I do Argent Tournament dailies and Frenzyheart dailies on Sunkist
4. I spend the next few hours milling around doing either random things in game to help guildies or else logging off for a while to be a good house husband and get some errands done.
5. There's usually some sort of 10man raid in the afternoon whether it be Ulduar or a fun naxx clear.
6. Soon to be Mrs. Sunkist comes home and I log off to fix dinner and such.
7. If it's a Tuesday or Wednesday I'll get back on at 8pm to do 25man raids otherwise my WoW day generally ends at around 5:30-6.

I think I shall write a followup post to this one talking about time management and compromises between real life time and WoW time, especially concerning spending time with loved ones when there is so much WoWing to be done. But that will have to be tomorrow's post!

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