Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Amazing Race!

So the guild has run into a bit of a roadblock. Our 25mans have been extremely sketchy due to absences, lack of focus, and general badness. We raid two nights per week and for the past three to four weeks we'll have a really spectacular night one day then an absolutely awful night the next or vice versa. An example from last week should help illustrate: on our first night we spent four hours just to get to and down Auriaya. But then the next night we one shotted all the keepers and actually 2 shot General for a guild first kill on him! Yogg will take a while simply because I think not enough of our melee have experienced the fight in phase 2.

We also have two pretty solid 10man groups that go in either during the afternoons or on non-25man nights. The 10's also appear to be causing some drama because of who goes in which group even though the main person setting them up has pretty strictly followed each member's posted availibility times from our forums. My genreal feeling about the 10mans is that they should be giving more of our players experience with the bosses in Ulduar so they can be better prepared for the 25man. Because honestly, how many guild members are really going to wowwiki, boskillers, tankspot, etc. to read up on boss strats and abilities? Hell, some of them don't even show up with flasks and potions, or they mysteriously hearth back to dal saying that they need to repair (repair at entrance Ogre plz?).

Right now a lot of the drama from the 10's is that we have an "A" team that is leaving everybody else in the dust and nobody else gets to do 10's. What I think is making the "A" team so super is that the players in that group actually show up to their assigned raid times. Some weeks I'll be sitting in guild chat while the leader of the 2nd and sometimes 3rd raid are short a healer or tank which essentially stops them from taking off/continuing.

Ok end of ranting, here's my potential solution:
One week instead of a 25man on our two raid nights we do a Draft style competition! Invite everybody who is online at the raid time, divide the total number by 10, pick officers to be team captain/raid leaders, then one by one draft the players into 10mans to race to yogg. Oh and the prize for the team that finishes first could be a stack of flasks for each member.

Hopefully a draft like this would aleviate some of the drama and stress caused by our 10's for at least a week, and hopefully more of our melee can get some reps in the yogg phase 2 encounter. People picked towards the end may grumble about others being favorites but that's just going to have to be dealt with.

Good idea/Bad idea?

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  1. This is a novel idea. Could lead to players getting to know each other better, especially those who don't normally run 10-mans together.

    This brings up another interesting question. All the WoW kids, both Alliance and Horde (two of each race - boy and girl), are in the Dalaran gym getting ready to pick teams. Who are the captains? Who gets picked first? Who gets picked last (the gnomes probably)? Are the picks along faction lines? Just had a elementary school flashback. That's all :)