Monday, June 29, 2009

Healing Glyphs!

With the introduction of the latest expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, came a new system of spell enhancement, glyphs! Glyphs are made by scribes (or inscriptionists if you're in trade chat) and while they are relatively cheap to make, many times the scribe will markup the price quite a bit per glyph. Glyphs work to boost up certain aspects of individual spells. At level 80 each player has 3 major glyph slots and 3 minor glyph slots. Below is a list of glyphs pertaining to Resto druids and how useful I feel each glyph is.

Minor Glyphs:
None of the minor glyphs really boost any in combat resto spells so you can really pick and choose pretty much any three glyphs you want. Currently, I'm using Unburdened Rebirth, Thorns, and Dash.

Glyph of Unburdened Rebirth
Removing the need for a reagent means no more trips to the reagent vendor for your battle rez. Very nice minor glyph to pick up.

Glyph of the Wild
Reduced mana means less for you to regen. May come in handy after a battle rez and you want to buff someone up.

Glyph of Thorns
1 hour thorns is much nicer than 10min thorns, especially while doing dailies/quests and such.

Glyph of Dash
I personally love dash and use either kitty dash or cheetah form to travel around Dalaran.

Glyph of Aquatic form

For those of you who love splashing around in seal form this minor glyph would be pretty useful.

Major Glyphs:
I feel that the glyph selection for Resto druids is varied enough that a tree could choose any variety of major glyphs to fit his/her playstyle. Currently, I'm using Swiftmend, Nourish, and Wild Growth.

Glyph of Swiftmend
Keeping the HoT on my target after using Swiftmend has shown to be invaluable in numerous situations. Plus it opens up the ability to cast rejuvenation then swiftmend immediately and leave the HoT on the target to finish healing any amount of health not topped off in the following seconds. Basically, leaving HoT's on our targets is a good thing and this glyphs allows us to do that and cast swiftmend at the same time.

Glyph of Nourish
This glyph is essentially the same as the 4 piece Tier 7 Restoration set bonus. The set bonus and the glyph also stack with each other and with 4 HoT's rolling on a target (Regrowth, Rejuv, Lifebloom, Wild Growth) the amount of added healing is substantial. Even without the set bonus, an extra 6% healed per HoT is enough for me to use the glyph and see a noticeable difference while using nourish.

Glyph of Wild Growth
This is almost exclusively a raiding glyph since Heroics only have 5 people so your 6th wild growth will be wasted. That being said, the glyph is an AWESOME raiding glyph since druids are most times placed into the position of raid healing and there's always a pack of melee dps that needs a wild growth somewhere.

Glyph of Rejuvenation
I personally despise this glyph and think it's absolute garbage. But my feelings set aside there has been a heated community debate on the Elitist Jerks forums as to the effectiveness of this glyph, especially compared to the glyph of Nourish. Since we Druids are primarily designated as raid healers and Rejuvenation is generally our #1 top healing spell on healing meters it would make sense for the glyph of that spell to be quite effective. But from personal experience even when raid healing, only casting Wild growth and Rejuv on as many targets as possible with lots of raid damage (Iron council hard mode, mimron, etc.) the amount of bonus healing from the glyph of rejuv simply does not make up enough effective healing to be as viable as Nourish. It looks like I've got a subject for a future post here but I'll have to do some more number crunching. Moral of the story, I HATE this glyph.

Glyph of Regrowth
I used to use this glyph prior to 3.1 in place of my Nourish glyph. Unfortunately for Regrowth, this is no longer my primary direct healing spell of choice and has thus taken a backseat to Nourish. A good glyph but the spell itself needs to be buffed before I'd consider using this glyph again.

Glyph of Innervate
For beginning tree druids I'd highly recommend this glyph. The added mana gained by innervate and the ability to innervate someone else and receive mana return yourself is vital until your gear is able to keep you casting without going OOM for long periods of time. This glyph should be ditched once you have a sufficient amount of natural regen but that in no way makes this a bad glyph.

Glyph of Healing Touch
This is a niche glyph for a niche spec. I've tried the Healing Touch spec for both PvP and PvE and personally don't care for it. I think there are other ways to make the druid much more effective as a healer though there are those who think otherwise. Unless you're prepared to go balls out for Healing Touch, this isn't the glyph for you.

Glyph of Lifebloom
With the added cost of Lifebloom and the mana return given by it's bloom druids now are actually wanting the spell to end sooner which is the exact opposite of what this glyph does. The slight added HPS (heal per second) provided by this glyph is severely outweighed by the effectiveness of the bloom and mana returned by the bloom.

Glyph of Rebirth
I've heard horror stories of guilds forcing their druids to get this glyph so that the battle rezzes can be all the more effective. I really don't see the need to waste a major glyph slot for a glyph that is just as easily negated by a rejuv/swiftmend.

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