Monday, June 15, 2009

Dual Spec

So with the release of patch 3.1 players at level 40 have been given the option to pay a 1 time fee of 1000 gold in order to have access to 2 talent specs that can be changed at almost any time. Needless to say as a druid I jumped at the chance to no longer pay 50g + glyphs per respec which was generally happening 4-5 times per week.

At first my second spec was a Feral tanking spec which I figured would be handy both for soloing quests/mobs/etc as well as tanking an occasional heroic or 10man instance.

After a few weeks with feral tank as my second spec I decided to swap some of those talents and glyphs around and turned it into a feral dps spec since tanks seemed to be in abundance and doing some high dps from time to time is rather fun.

At some point my bro Logsie and I decided to give arenas a shot for the new season and my second spec turned into a pvp resto spec which severely limited my soloing ability for quests/grinding and such since both specs were Restoration, but I kept this spec for a few weeks as well.

I'm now back to a PvE Resto main/Feral dps dual spec and I think I'm just going to have to bite the bullet once a week and change the feral spec over to PvP Resto so arenas can happen then back to the Feral dps spec once we've finished our games.

All in all I'm very happy that blizzard has given us the ability to freely swap between two different talent specs. It has saved me a considerable amount of gold and my changing to PvP resto then back to feral once per week isn't nearly as big of a burden as respeccing prior to 3.1.

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