Monday, July 27, 2009

Speed run through Uld10

The guild just can't seem to get that pesky Yogg down in 25man! We do 25mans on Tuesday and Wednesday nights and we also have two groups set up for 10mans that happen throughout the week. While only doing 25mans two nights per week definitely puts my raiding out of "hardcore" in my view we still seem to get quite a bit done in the time we do spend raiding. We've gotten to the point where we can beeline through the keepers and either get to or down Vezax in the first night and then spend the 2nd night either finishing up Vezax or just putting attempts in on Yogg. This has been happening for the past 3-4 weeks and it's just rather disheartening that we are having such trouble just getting past Phase 1 on yogg :(. Us officers are pretty sure the problem is that we just don't have enough people with experience on the Yogg fight.

So this week most of the people who generally run the afternoon Uld10 group waited until Thursday night so we could have a friendly little race against the second Uld10 group that goes at that time. We put 1000g at stake from the guildbank to be awarded to the first team to kill Yogg on that night. I wasn't sure if it could all be done in one night but thought it would be fun to give it a shot.

Amazingly enough my group was able to cruise through with only a few blips on Kologarn (lol) and Vezax before going and 1 shotting Yogg. We finished the instance so fast that after we downed Yogg we went back and swept up the optional bosses just for some S&G's. The combatlog says that our total time logged for the full clear was just over 5 hours but that doesn't take into account the full hour break we took so a few members could grab dinner, lower some gf aggro, etc.

So a 4 hour full clear for all of Ulduar 10, not too shabby in my mind and I think it definately reflects how Blizzard is trying to make new content accessible to more players while attempting to keep the "hardcore" raiders interested as well. While clearing the instance isn't difficult and can be done quite quickly if desired, there are plenty of hardmodes and bonus loot to be had for groups that want to slow it down and challenge themselves. During our race my group did 0 hardmodes, but generally, my 10man group is currently on 3 elder Freya so hopefully we'll be flying around on some rusted protos soon.


  1. Weeks on Yogg can be soul crushing. I know from personal experience. How many hours a night do you raid? Two nights a week and already have 3 weeks on Yogg AND run 10 mans is very good. I haven't done a group vs group race since Kara, those were always fun, though we never did it for gold!

    Good luck this week on Freya +3!!!

  2. Our guild uses the extension now available and is stuck on 10 man Yogg. 25 man I think we are on Freya and she should be falling this week. That extension is handy but I rather do all the fights each week. I just wish there weren't soooooo many buggs in Ull. On our server Razor sometimes pops extra adds every 5 seconds and sorry Blizz but not even the best Guild in the world could handle that kind of ridiculousness. Some times when fighting other bosses weird things happen that just don’t seem right. This is the only reason I like the extension. We have put in many tickets for these problems but the common answer is "Try leaving the instance for 1/2 an hr or more then try it again..." Thanks we don’t have that kind of time Blizz. Once we looted a chest and didn’t get any emblems I was pissed put in a ticket and blizz responded, “please make sure all members are alive and in the instance when looting…” sometimes it really frustrating trying to get aid from their staff