Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My 3.2 Spec

Here is the spec I'll be using for raids from here on out since 3.2 came out today.

3.2 Raid Spec

Prior to today I've had the exact same spec except I've put one of the points from Empowering Touch into Gift of the Earthmother. Recently I've come to the decision that my haste is probably good enough that I can take a point out of GotE in order to boost my nourish by another 10% of my spellpower. My rationale is that if the amount of time reduced to cast rejuv and wild growth given by 1 point of GotE is less than my latency inherent in the game, I can probably live with shifting a point away from the cast time reduction and put it somewhere I can see visible effects.

Although the math gets a bit hairy, EJ forums has led me to believe that I'll need somewhere in the neighborhood of 541 haste in order to reach my 1 second GCD for rejuv with 4/5 GotE. I'm at 363 currently and if I find that there is a huge difference in my rejuv casting speed due to the loss of 1 point in GotE I may reconsider switching some other talents around in order to make sure I have my 1 sec GCD for rejuv and WG. If I do have to do some switching around my initial reaction would be to next try out healing with 4/5 Nature's Bounty in order to keep 2/2 Empowered Touch. Time will tell if I need to test that out as well but I'm fairly confident that I'll be happy with the spec I've first chosen.

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