Monday, October 5, 2009

What's new with Sunkist?!?

Hello 5 people who have this blog show up from time to time on their blogroll, it's me Sunkist! I've been neglecting the blog here pretty substantially but I thought I'd just step in here and give a quick update.

25's are going well. We clear ToC25 normal with one to two wipes per run. We haven't downed Northrend Beasts Heroic yet but we've also only given it ~5 attempts. I'm up to 25/30 legendary fragments so we've been doing full Ulduar clears in about a night. We're also slowly adding in hardmodes to the Ulduar mix. Just last week we did XT-002 and activated Thorim but didn't kill him that way.
I've been setting up the guild's 10man ToC runs which is a much larger hassle than I first anticipated but I think a routine is developing which is good. Soon I'll add ToGC10 groups in about a week or two but right now we've got a few groups doing that without the schedule. On the whole, raiding is good.

I hit 8k nerd points about a month back and even still the achievements trickle in. I'm at ~8500 atm which is nice. I finished Loremaster and here are a few tips I'd give for that.

1) Do in in Phases. I did all of Northrend way back in December or January. Then I did Outland about a month after that. Then it was in the past 2-3 weeks or so that I did most of Azeroth.
2) Do Eastern Kingdoms before Kalimdor. There are TONS of quests that send you running between continents and I've found that more often than not the quest originated in Eastern Kingdoms
3) Questhelper doesn't do it all. I had to go back to old skool research for quite a few quests and especially in Azeroth pulled out some useful tips that wowhead just couldn't.
4) Have checkpoint goals in mind. This was much easier for Outlands and Northrend where you could have the goal of 1 zone every day or two. In Azeroth it turned into "finish these 2 quest chains, get to 2500 total quests, etc." But simply having the goal of "Loremaster" is far too daunting to try and focus on.

Since finishing Loremaster and being completely done with Quest Achievements I've decided to try and fish up that pesky turtle and finish off another block of Achievements. With that turtle I'll be completely done with Professions which will be nice. So far I'm 2100 fish caught with no sign of him. My strategy for the turtle is to collect 100 of each of the Fish Feast fish at a time so that I can craft them for the guild and easily keep track of my total fish progress. After the turtle shows his ugly face I think I'll try and focus on some PvP achievements.

WoW has it's ups and downs. I've managed to keep myself pretty upbeat with projects and such and with a 2 day 25man raiding schedule I don't forsee burnout in the near future. In addition to my achievement goals I've also started dabbling in the AH within the past week or so. I found it rather ironic that the week I decide to start trying to make money off the AH that MMO-champ ran his extensive AH gold making guide. One thing I did pull out of his posts though was the Quick Auction 2 mod which has been EXTREMELY useful.

Thoughts on the State of Resto Druids:
I've been pretty happy with our healing capabilities for quite a while and with the Patch 3.3 notes out I don't forsee any major shifts away or to the resto druids. With the incoming Rejuv "bug fix" I couldn't help but laugh and think of the movie "Office Space" where the managers decide to "fix the glitch" regarding Milton's paycheck and they figured things would just work themselves out naturally. Nice try Blizzard. Even still, a nerf to Rejuvenation was bound to happen and luckily this one shouldn't be too devestating.

Kind of a long post but here it is.


  1. Yeaahhh... we're gonna have to go ahead and remove the last tick of your Rejuvenation spell.


  2. I still look you up everyday checking for a new post! (Yea...I suck at feeds, and do it the old fashioned way).

    Glad to hear everything is going well! Good Luck with getting those last 5 fragments =)

    Also, grats on Loremaster! I also just finished mine out...Kalimdor is such a pain for the horde!

  3. Happy to read a new post from you Sun. Glad to hear you're progressing in the game as well. Keep rockin'.