Thursday, October 15, 2009

Week of W00T!

Rabble may be slow but we do get the job done. We cleared all of Ulduar and spent ~1hr on Yogg+3 which was new for us but alas could not slay the old god on Tuesday. Fortunately, we 1 shot him with fresh faces on Wednesday and I was able to get this nifty mace finished up. The beastslaying enchant was more than appropriate I felt since we were slaying the Northrend Beasts after Ulduar.

Then to top the night off a group of 10 of us stayed after the 25man raid and did some ToGC10 and finished with 48 attempts left which I was very pleased with especially since we had no bloodlust for Anub, let's just say the final phase was hectic.

I've been Reading up on the potential haste changes to us restos and I'm going to refrain from making too many judgements until the proposed changes look more likely to happen. I will agree that a nerf to rejuv is appropriate but I just hope blizzard doesn't go overboard with it.

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  1. Grats!!!

    From here forth you shall be known as Sunkist, the Bubblemaker! =)